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Schools in Dehradun

In India education provided by the public and private sector, the supervising and funding comes from local, state and central. Education is provided as a fundamental right in the Indian constitution. According to a statement 29% Indian child educated in private organization and almost 50% children have enrolled in these institutions in town. It means the balance is already lean towards private schools in urban areas and rural areas too. Mostly middle class families prefer to send their children to private schools which may be in the same city.

In the January 2015, International Schools Consultancy (ISC) listed that India has 410 international schools. ISC described international school norms that English should be one of the official languages, if school brings a syllabus to any Combination of secondary, primary or pre-school students. Education is a very important part of the every child. Education brings students to learn the basic and fundamental ethics of society. But it’s very important to find better organization further studies so here we are providing the detailed information about the best schools in Dehradun. On this website you will have all the appropriate details regarding educational organizations in city according to their category. Every page providing unique lists on this website like top CBSE Schools, top ICSE Schools, Girls Boarding schools etc.